How United Nude (Rem D. Koolhaas) used my design without my permission

I can not pass through closing my eyes in this case because its not the first time happening. So I decided to tell world truth about United Nude and Rem D. Koolhaas. Its not the black PR against him or his company, I don’t even know him in personal but I hate his (or his company’s) action he has done.

So what happened? In 2009 Domus Academy and Ars Sutoria in Milan has opened International Accessory Design Competition, where the first prize was %100 discount for making Master degree on Accessory Design in Domus Academy.
I have many designs so I decided to try and sent my portfolio. Guess what? I won 3rd prize where I had %60 discount! But it was difficult to collect 6000 euros in short time period for education and twice as education money for living expenses. I have no rich parents who could pay for my education, so I decided to find out sponsors, but its hard to find one nowadays.
I’ve send to some shoe brands but I received kind response rejecting my offer. And I found out a brand whose style was like mine, it was United Nude. I sent a message via form of United Nude’s web site. Then a man from marketing department replied me, I asked her if United Nude had any idea submission system like Fossil does, he replied they don’t have but he will ask for that Rem D. Koolhaas (Creative director and owner of United Nude). Then he sent me an e-mail where he says that Rem Koolhaas wants to see my designs. And I sent my portfolio which I sent to Domus Academy’s Competition. Then I haven’t heard anything anymore.
Why I’ve sent without NDA or without any copyright protection? I didn’t know anything at that time and I was so sure that the jury’s from Domus Academy and my e-mails were going to be evidence with dates etc.
Here is the e-mail where Domus Academy tells me that I won the 3rd prize:
Here is the e-mails with United Nude:

And couple of months later I see that United Nude released new product called Frame which heels form was like mine. Here I want to note that United Nude hadn’t the heels like that before in any of their product. But upper side of Frame was different, I can’t say anything about it, I get little angry but I didn’t do anything. I thought I’m wrong. Here is the pictures of Frame:
 And one of my sketches (I have also other sketches with heels like this):

Now I got mad because one of my designs was done again! But now nearly with exact design, the differences are heels are lower than mine, leather is thinner and one stripe doesn’t exist. You can look to all billions of shoes but you can not see the same design as these. I think now that this is not an accidental situation, but at least not two times!
This product United Nude called as Spike:

 Here is my design which I’ve sent them:

Now find out the difference between the two pictures :)
Besides I can see the details of my designs in other shoes, they just integrated them to their products. I’ve e-mailed a couple of times, they said that this is a serious e-mail and they will take legal action against me for label if I don’t stop. Instead of saying thank you they want to escape. This is very sad thing, but I don’t want to give up defending my rights. Any ideas?
I want to find a lawyer for this case. If you have any suggestions please write me.
Iskender Asanaliev.
PS: The images of e-mails are small, I couldn’t upload with bigger size, I’ll find a way later. If want to read the content of the attached e-mails you can go to another my blog.